The Start Of Something New

Welcome to the new version of my sometimes crazy, sometimes uneventful, journey through life through my third ey e – that of my camera’s lens.

Last week my brother said to me, “Everywhere you go you see things as a picture”, which is no exaggeration because for me, everything provides inspiration and an opportunity for a great photograph. Lately, my inspiration to create has been lacking and a big part of that was having a hard time finding a way to share my trials and tribulations with the world. Thus, I decided to invest in a little thing called a domain, making it easier for YOU, the readers, to find me and take part in my adventures.

This “Girl With A Camera” blog is a self-appreciation project, just as much as it is a tool for me to connect with the online world and hopefully gain a following in all types of wonderful people from all parts of the world, having your own journeys through life. I hope that through my photography and experiences I provide insight, perspective, and inspiration for anyone looking for an answer or direction to any of life’s great challenges. There are a lot of things I love about this world we live in, and a lot of things for which I want to encourage change – and I want this blog to be my outlet to share my creative vision of these topics and connect with others who feel just as strongly, (or not!) about them.

Thus, I bid you adieu and thank you in advance for your patronage and attention to my work – this is my absolute passion in life and therefore life for me is meant to be lived through my camera.


Shelby Morell



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