EAT: The Dirty Bird in Toronto’s Kensington Market

This hot and fresh fried chicken was made irresistible in its combination with a plush steaming waffle and, patriotically, pure maple syrup. Kensington Market has met the new face of a Southern classic in The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles, located at 79 Kensington Ave in the heart of Toronto’s most cultural and vibrant outdoor, year-round market. I couldn’t pass-up an invite to what I had heard was an incredible mouth-watering experience, and I can safely say I will be back.

As for what’s on my plate, as recommended by reputable Toronto blogs I went for the big kahuna, what they’re well known for, The O.D.B. The homage to old school hip hop and its culture was draw for me enough, but the delectable description on their brief yet tantalizing menu board was what sold me ultimately. The tin tray came plated beautifully and perfectly-proportioned, with a round waffle in the middle topped with the famous fried chicken and their house made ‘Dirty Sauce’. The maple syrup oozed around it all, and before I dug in I realized the lovely little pot of potato salad to top it all off and cool it all down. What a meal.

Shelby’s Worthyabilityness: 100%


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