My first trip this year to Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition, also known as The EX or the CNE, was geared around seeing the great Chubby Checker live at Bandshell Park – and what fun that was. Of course before we found good sight lines for the show in our comfy $12 folding chairs, my mom and I took in the famous Food Building from corner to corner. Immediately after entering the sweet-smelling structure filled with foreign, Canadian, and one-of-a-kind food vendors, I spotted Pull’D, and knew that their “Jack’d” special was the choice for me. IMG_8460

While they had several delelctable options including a classic pulled pork sandwich on a fresh ciabatta bun, I opted for the combination of breakfast and dinner in a stack of 3 fluffy red velvet pancakes with their pulled pork in between. The mound was doused – and I would have preferred drenched to be honest – in Jack Daniels infused maple syrup, the key flavour factor in me giving this plate a 10/10.



The cakes were definitely more pink than red, but the slight colour variation did not change their flavour because they were delicious, and I have a bad yet good feeling that I’ll be back for seconds. When I do return, I will remember to ask for extra-and-then-some syrup, find a knife (so necessary!)  and will slowly savour each and every bite yet again – thank you, CNE.



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