‘Soaring Higher 2’ Presented by Christopher Samuels + Limitless Ministries

Soaring Higher 2 is a concert dedicated to celebrating the young talent in Limitless Ministries, lead by Prophet Christopher Samuels. The group will debut their first single, “Holy You Are”, which has come together through months of hard work and dedication by everyone part of Limitless, both on and off stage.

To be partaking in something so humbling and uplifting has reminded me why I love my craft and drives the passion that I have for it. I will be filming the concert on Saturday night, as well as creating a special intro for the show that I am excited to see unfold in person.

If you are interested in a soul-inspiring experience in your own backyard, get your tickets for Soaring Higher 2 and join us in giving thanks and celebrating life itself through music.

Soaring Higher 2 will take place Saturday, September 5th at 7pm – 14 Automatic Rd in Brampton, ON

Click here to visit the Facebook event page


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