Leap Year Love

Lisa and Daryl chose to tie the knot on February 29th and I discovered that, on Leap Years, it’s one of the busiest days at Toronto’s City Hall Wedding Chapel. Arriving early to scope out the space, I entered the waiting area with one couple and their guests, which quickly became several wedding parties and thus quite crowded. I had no idea that so many people planned their milestone on this unique day that only comes every 4 years.

Lisa and Daryl are two of these people. Their simple, lovely ceremony had many candid moments that reflected their established yet laid-back relationship through and through. With both of their mothers present, their children and two very close friends, they celebrated a short yet sweet ceremony with a few photos to commemorate the occasion. A fun twist on the day occurred when a reporter from City TV invited the bride and groom to do an interview for a special segment on Leap Year weddings at City Hall. And looking forward to their first actual anniversary, Lisa and Daryl are proud to plan for modest yet romantic vacations – both alone and with family – to celebrate their love during the four years of growth and life experience in between.

This wedding was fun to capture, and officially introduced me to City Hall ceremonies, something I have always wanted to experience and photograph. Below are some of my personal favourites from their album, one that is smaller than I am used to but was just as beautiful when it came together as a collection of images that tell their unique story.


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