Drummond’s: An Easter Family Tradition


You may know that I currently live in the big city, Toronto, but I grew up in the suburbs of Brampton, and both sides of my family are from Eastern Ontario. This keeps me travelling frequently, and I jump at these short but sweet escapes from the city for several reasons, including everything from fresh air to a change of scenery. The countryside and small towns have a lot to offer – interesting architecture, friendly faces and overall a different pace of life, and thus plenty of unique photo opportunities that I do not get in my every day city life.

This past Easter weekend, my Dad, uncle, one of my cousins and I took to the back roads of Leeds and Grenville county to visit Drummond’s Maple Sugar Bush. The family operation has been going strong since 1802, and has instilled tradition into many other families through the years – including mine. I have fond memories of the tractor rides through the sugar bush, getting schooled on the ins and outs of the tedious job of sap harvesting; which eventually results in the Drummond family’s prized product – pure maple syrup.

Their homegrown syrup is what everyone comes to the sugar shack for, whether they’re drenching their breakfast in it or grabbing a bottle for home. Let me tell you it is worth whatever drive, or wait in line you may endure to get here. While I have always stuck to the traditional pancakes in the past, this visit I opted for what I was pleasantly surprised to find on their menu – Johnny Cake – which, going along with the theme of this trip, is a treasured Irish tradition in my Mom’s family! So I smothered my Johnny Cake in real maple syrup and had a healthy helping of Baked Maple Beans on the side – this was a feast I had long missed, and I was going all-out!

If you can’t tell how awesome Drummond’s syrup is by the photos, I suggest just indulging for yourself. You may even create a new family tradition of your own!

[ Drummond’s Sugar Bush Pancake House is open to the public on weekends from 8:30am until 5:00pm until Sunday April 17th ] 



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