A Spring Brampton Wedding Celebrating 10 Years of Love

A cloudy March afternoon was made bright by big smiles and celebratory cheers as the guests of Nicole & Adrian’s wedding lined the halls of their ceremony venue. The newlyweds made their way past them and towards me; rapidly capturing each candid expression and moment shared. I remember getting butterflies at this point, thinking about how many great memories I’d already captured for this beautiful couple and reminding myself that there was still the portrait session and reception to come. Those same butterflies returned weeks later as I sat beside Nicole and her father in Starbucks, going through the album start to finish and watching her expressions change from excited, to sentimental, to bursting out in genuine laughter. Sharing this moment with her was all of the thanks I need and sums up exactly why I do what I do – to be given the honour of being present for and capturing the biggest day of someone’s life is something I will never take lightly and will always look forward to!





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